Risotto alla toma

Risotto alla toma

Extimated time

45 minutes

Quantity for

4 serve

  • Rice320 g
  • Toma bergamasca Zanetti150 g
  • Shallot1
  • White winehalf a glass
  • Extra virgin olive oilto taste
  • Vegetable brothto taste
  • Salt and pepperto taste
  • Rosemaryto taste

Cut the Toma Bergamasca into small pieces and prepare a vegetable broth.
Ground the shallot and sautè it with two sprigs of rosemary: after 10 minutes add the rice to a bowl with a drop of white wine and cover with the broth.
Start to mix all the ingredients together until they are completely absorbed in the broth.
After a few minutes, add your small pieces of Toma Bergamasca and thicken the rice, by mixing it vigorously.
Take care when cooking the rice: you need to remove it from the heat when firm, season it with salt and pepper and serve it while it is still piping hot.

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