​“OUR CHEESE IS PURE GOLD” – 2019/2020

Zanetti was awarded 2 Gold Medals at the World Cheese Awards 2019-20 as the best producer of Grana Padano PDO and Grana Padano Riserva PDO Cheese.

New 2020 AD campaign

​“Esperienza di famiglia” – 2014

Zanetti key products are on the front line: Butter, Grana Padano, Parmigiano Reggiano and their RESERVE versions. All the experience of the family is narrated in this picture, in all its forms.

“Esperienza di famiglia dal 1900” - 2012

Parmigiano Reggiano DOP, Grana Padano DOP and butter: the three historic products of Zanetti brand became the main characters of this campaign that enhances the quality of three symbols of Made in Italy taste.

"Una forma di piacere" - 2007

Zanetti elegantly shows its Parmigiano Reggiano DOP: a girl's eyes light up thanks to the goodness of the cheese that is a symbol of the Italian culinary tradition, appreciated around the world.

​“In forma con più gusto” – 2006

A campaign dedicated to the entire family of Grana Padano DOP. The formats available are various: the entire form, cloves, grated, diced ... just choose the right taste and serve it on the table!

“In forma con più gusto” – 2005

Grana Padano DOP on a classic Italian kitchen table. All the ingredients to cook a great dish are ready: pasta, salad, cherry tomatoes and a piece of Grana Padano, which enhances the goodness of all the other flavors.

Pubblicità burro Zanetti – 1962/1963

Mom, dad and their baby in front of a table full of prizes: this poster launched the first Zanetti’s collection points. One more reason to never give up a good dish prepared with butter Zanetti!

"Il re dei Provoloni" - Anni 60

Funny and irriverent, the ad celebrates Provolone DOP, a product of excellence which Zanetti exports worldwildeand which is the principal product of the Caesar industry Carbonelli, a recent acquisition of the firm. 

Remake of ad for Zanetti butter – 1959

Inventiveness rewarded in the past, enhanced with a modern twist, shows a young woman who brings her family a stick of Zanetti’s butter, his favorite butter: fresh and genuine, made ​​with pasteurized milk.

Butter - 1950S

A campaign conveys the value of pasteurized milk. With a simple design that enhances the product, this is the concept that reaches the consumer:  Zanetti’s butter is a high-quality product and is great for any recipe.

Remake of ad for Parmigiano Reggiano – 1950S

A product adored by kids and adults, anywhere in the world. This image is perfect to celebrate the goodness of a universal product exported from Zanetti to spread its taste anywhere in the world.

Ad for Zanetti butter – 1950

An old campaign communicates the quality of our pasteurised butter. Just a picture of the product, simple graphics and a direct message: effective result and appealing communication.