Pumpkin and quartirolo cheese risotto

Pumpkin and quartirolo cheese risotto

Extimated time

45 minutes

Quantity for

4 serve

  • Vegetable broth500 ml
  • Butter2 noci
  • Onionmezza
  • Oilqb
  • Salt and pepperqb
  • Pumpkin200 g
  • Carnaroli rice3 tazze
  • Quartirolo Lombardo DOP Zanetti150 g

Prepare the vegetable broth and heat it. Sautè the onion in another pot and add the rice, mixing continuously to get the perfect roasting.
After cutting it into several small cubes, add the pumpkin and a ladle of water. Finally, pour the broth and keep mixing the rice on the hob for about 18/20 minutes.
When almost cooked, thicken it up by adding small cubes of Quartirolo Lombardo DOP and the two knobs of butter.
Mix vigorously while turning off the hob, leave the risotto to stand for a few minutes and serve.

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